5 Tips to Improve Your Basic Microsoft Excel & Word Skills

There’s a good chance that you spend much of day working in Microsoft Office, and specifically the bulk of that time in Word, Excel. The more you learn about the special little abilities that these two programs have, the more efficient you can be using the programs, it could take a lifetime to learn them all.  Thankfully, we have done the hard work for you, and come up with five very helpful Microsoft Excel & Word tips which can really speed up your work productivity

Microsoft Word

  • Embed Unicode Characters.In the event that you know the Unicode code of a character, you can rapidly add it to your file by writing the code followed by Alt+X. For example, the code for Indian Rupee image is 20B9 – type 20B9, press Alt+X and the code will be supplanted by the genuine Rupee symbol.
  • Word’s Hidden Calculator. Your Microsoft Word has a hidden calculator that can deal with all the basic arithmetic operations. You can compose the Math’s expression in your file, highlight it and press the Calculator button– the result of the computation will be shown in the status bar.
  • Save as PDF. There’s absolutely no need to print and scan documents to create a PDF. The quickest route by far is to save your Word document directly as a PDF. Just click File > Save As, then select PDF in the format drop down list. Saving as a PDF is possible in Office 2007 and later.

Microsoft Excel

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