How to activate Office 365 without entering a product key

You have ordered a Windows 10 machine with Bing or other, and it comes with Office 365 as a test offer for one year. Lack of pot, you are asked to activate this license with a code. How do I activate Office 365 without this code? It’s very simple, just strum 2 letters.

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Update 2017: This manipulation no longer works alas today. product key for microsoft office professional plus 2016. No panic, just download LibreOffice to get a free version of an excellent office suite.

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The information comes from comments where Totoche76 has found the right technique to enable you to activate an Office 365 that requires an activation code. Some machines are delivered ready to use but others request a code to be able to take advantage of the subscription year.

So you have to have a product key to take advantage of it, and that’s where it’s hurt, while the builders are supposed to provide the key, some don’t and you have to activate your Office 365 license by phone. This is the case above with a Windows 10 tablet yet sold as having access to Office 365 offered for one year. And not everyone wants to perform the process of identifying Microsoft …

Then? How do I activate Office 365 without this code? Nothing simpler!

Start with a right click on the Office 365 link on the Windows Metro home page, and you can access the options in this tiled view.

Then click on the “File location” icon.

Here you are on your desktop with the link to the launch of Office 365 selected. Right click on it and copy it to your desktop. Then take a turn in the properties of this shortcut. (Right click then properties)

You then have a “shortcut” link that appears like this, it points to Microsoft Office and ends with:

...\FirstRun.exe" /OEM

Just add TA to the end of EOM:

...\FirstRun.exe" /OEMTA

Then click Apply and finally OK.

and voila, Microsoft Office 365 then initializes without asking you to serial number and launches its initial configuration. A nice find to avoid the headache of a call to Microsoft services and immediately take advantage of its subscription to Office 365 offered with your Bing version of Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

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