The latest Android 7.0 Nougat: features, updates and changes

Google has just announced the immediate deployment of the seventh major version of Android (Nougat). As always, the Nexus are directly affected by this update. Overview of news and affected by the update Nougat smartphones.

New emojis on Android Nougat

If your phone Android Nougat, you can use 72 new emoji (Unicode 9.0). Now, more than 1500 emojis are present on Android Nougat. Google also benefits from this update to Android 7.0 Nougat retouch his emojis design. If the design ‘potato’ is preserved for the most part, emoji, others have been modernized.


You can access the different colors of skin of emoji by holding down the emoji of your choice (see screenshot below).
The quick customizable settings.

With a swipe down, you access the Quick Settings: this is the main settings of your smartphone (Wi – Fi, battery, Bluetooth…). Previously, you could only change these settings if you use a custom ROM or a wrapper added by the manufacturer of your smartphone. Now you can change the options available here, regardless of the brand of your phone, since this feature has been added to Android 7.0 Nougat.

A multi-window mode to divide the screen into two

There is a big difference between computers and smartphones. On PC, you can display multiple windows side by side. On an Android smartphone, it was previously impossible to split the screen in two, windows 10 product key sale, unless you use a wrapper or a custom ROM. It is now possible with version 7.0 of Android. You do not have to assign the same place two simultaneously displayed applications: you can change the size of the two windows easily.

The “Direct Reply” feature on notifications

You can also reply to messages without leaving notifications, via the “Direct Reply” feature. Several applications already support this feature, including Messenger from Google. It is now possible to quickly respond to a message from other applications: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger etc.


Note that similar notifications (of the same application) are now grouped, a simple tap to place your notifications. You can also set mute unwanted notifications to an application more easily.

Alt + Tab on Android Nougat

If you use a Windows PC, you probably regularly the hotkey Alt + Tab to switch quickly from one window to another. On Android Nougat, it is also possible to switch between two applications. To do this, make a double-tap on the new icon “Overview,” located at the bottom right of your screen.

Many new features for Google for Work

If you use a smartphone Android and Google for Work as part of your work, you also get dedicated news: improved security, easier management of the Park of smartphones for admins, Always-ON mode for connections that pass through a VPN, a Google mode off for Work for employees to better disconnect, a merger possible bases of contacts (pro/personal) etc. Find the latest 7.0 for Google Android for Work here.

A more efficient OS data and energy

Google Announces Android Nougat is more energy efficient: you should therefore use less battery than before. 7.0 Android smartphones spot especially when the user has his cell phone in the Pocket and he using it, to reduce its cheap windows 7 product key consumption of energy (Doze on the go). You can also reduce your consumption of data using “Data Saver” accessible from the Quick Settings. When Data Saver is activated, applications running in the background can not access cellular data.

Daydream for virtual reality

This new version of Android 7.0 Nougat is ready for Daydream, which will reference the experiences in virtual reality. However, you must wait the first Daydream-compatible smartphones to be commercialized. On the side of gaming, note that Android Nougat supports the API VulkanTM for a more immersive experience in games.

Smartphones that will benefit from Android Nougat

The first smartphones updated on Android Nougat are, as always, the Nexus (Nexus 6, Nexus 5 X, 6 p, 9 Nexus Nexus and Nexus Player). All the smartphones that have tested Android 7.0 in beta will also benefit from the stable version of the OS shortly. This update will happen automatically on your smartphone. But if you wish, you can already Flash Android Nougat on your smartphone: Android Police will regularly update this list of links to download Android 7.0 Nougat. For the moment, only 6 p Nexus, Nexus 5 X and Nexus 9 Wi – Fi received their update. Other Google smartphones should no longer delay. On the other hand, but it was announced for a long time: the Nexus 5 will not Android Nougat.

Other manufacturers smartphone users will have to wait a bit. If you own a Samsung, LG or Sony recent smartphone, you should get Android Nougat by the end of the year, or even early 2017. For others, everything depends on the policy of the manufacturer… Finally, once is not custom, the first smartphone to ship with Android Nougat is not a Nexus… but the LG V20 (see below), available very soon. The new Nexus will be without doubt, since they should be presented in a few weeks at most.

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