What’s the difference between Office 2019 and 2016?

For office software, we are familiar with Office. But how much do we know about the differences between the office versions? The following editors will take you to talk about the differences between Office 2019 and 2016. I hope it can help everyone.

Where is the highlight of Office 2019 compared to Office 2016

1.Only download from the network, only supports Win 10 system

2.The interface changes little, and the eye-catching details increase.

Advantages of Office 2019 over Office 2016

  • Added a graffiti function that can display better drawing functions.
  • Office 2019 has a lot of features, most of the office software inside has added new features.
  • Improved design flexibility for PowerPoint 2019.
  • You can select the brush you want to use on the software.
  • You can mark the text content directly on the presentation and doodle on the slide page.
  • Better operation effect and more slide design tools.
  • In addition, office 2019 also provides more text design.
  • Added several new Chinese fonts when editing articles.
  • Change the situation where there is no Chinese calligraphy font in Word.
  • Improved the expansion of Chinese fonts.
  • Foreign fonts have also been added.
  • Editing Word can now use other Chinese calligraphy style fonts.

Features of Office 2019 compared to Office 2016

  • Have better form design capabilities
  • office 2019 provides a better working environment
  • Added better calculation functions to the new version of Excel software
  • Can provide a better way to insert when adding functions
  • Built-in functions are more abundant, and the calculation process is easier
  • It is also very useful for making data models
    7. office 2019 also updates multiple functions in designing PPT
  • Provides better icon design
  • Support better UI interface, scroll to view PPT effect is better
  • The function of inserting icons online when designing PPT
  • An icon library is also provided for you to easily insert the icons you need
  • Word’s new version is also a lot
  • Provides interface color adjustment function to better edit Word
  • Provides a new “immersive learning model”
  • Better typography, better text spacing, page width, etc.
  • In addition, the new version of Word can read the article aloud.
  • Added new Microsoft speech engine to easily convert text to speech

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